What Makes Live Resin Better Than Other Concentrates?

live resin dabs

You’ve become aware of dabs. You’ve heard of shatter. You are also familiar with CBD oil. But what about “live resin?” What is live resin, and what does it mean for the future of marijuana concentrates?

Initially, dabs (aka wax, hash oil, shatter, and so on) are a kind of cannabis concentrate made by extracting cannabinoids from the plant with butane, alcohol, and other solvents. Smoking this thick, sticky oil offers a strong high and many potential medical benefits.

Dabbing has been a new trend throughout the world, specifically in states where pot is legal for leisure. However, cutting-edge stoners are always on the lookout for new twists or experiments to their favored activity, and live resin is one of the most recent. Read continues to discover what is live resin and what makes it better than other kinds of concentrates.

What is live resin?

There is one major difference between live resin dabs and normal dabs: The common things are made from marijuana buds that have been dried, cured, and ground, while the live resin is made from freshly harvested cannabis flowers. The difference is everything about terpenes. These are a type of hydrocarbon found in many trees and flowering plants, especially marijuana, and they provide the medication its unique preferences and odors.

What makes live resin better than other concentrates?

Live resin contains a more pleasing terpene profile than cured bud because the healing procedure eliminates supposed monoterpenes while improving sesquiterpenes. These corresponding chemicals offer cannabis multi-layered fragrances: Monoterpenes develop light, “fresh” fragrances, while sesquiterpenes produce larger flavors.

That means live resin provides a fresher, more flavorsome experience than conventional dabs. The research discovered live resin contains 2 percent a lot more monoterpenes than typical oil yet 11 percent much fewer sesquiterpenes.

While some concentrate makers advocate live resin as a drug, there is less proof that it gets users any kind greater than other kinds of hash oil. Freezing weed does not increase its THC or other cannabinoid levels, and THC concentrates are the only factor in marijuana effectiveness.

How to make live resin?

The primary step in making live resin is to flash freeze fresh whole marijuana flowers at a very low temperature. This prevents the degradation of terpenes and other chemicals that affect the quality of marijuana. Resin is then extracted from the frozen bud and refined into smokeable dabs.

Live resin is a great thing, however, there are downsides. It’s tough to find and typically really costly. And also those who can afford to try it most likely should not, as several of the needed steps could prove deadly.

Thanks for reading this article. I hope you find the article useful and informative. Feel free to ask any questions about live resin. You can find a variety of live resin products such as dabs, gummies, carts, and so on at The Calm Leaf. 

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