What Do Small Buds Look Like?

Small Buds CBD

If you have not heard the term “popcorn buds” before, consider yourself lucky. However, it’s a genuine problem that plagues plenty of farmers and can essentially turn your A-grade yield into a B-grade before you know it.  Keep reading this article to learn more about popcorn aka Small Buds.

What Are Popcorn Buds?

When it comes to growing cannabis, all of us strive to cultivate the most significant buds and the largest yields possible. Small buds are essentially small, cozy flowers that do not fairly become plump, prime nuggets. There is a selection of direct and indirect reasons for this sensation, which we’ll cover shortly. Nevertheless, despite the factor, popcorn buds are normally found toward the all-time low of the plant underneath the lower canopy.

What Do Small Buds Look Like?

Popcorn buds are underdeveloped, and their physical features reflect this. The flowers are normally small, leafy, and loose– a remarkable difference from their fully developed counterparts. They can even take on a hairy, practically fluffy look. While looks are one thing, popcorn buds wouldn’t have such a bad reputation if these physical shortcomings didn’t also affect the general potency of the yield.

Will Small Buds Get You High?

Small buds are quite capable of offering a high, albeit less potent than that of their completely formed brethren. These small, wispy buds still have THC, but you’ll require a lot more to load a joint or bowl than you normally would. Thus, small buds tend to not reach routine buds.

Can You Smoke Small Buds?

So the concern with smoking small buds is that you’re getting less “bang for your buck” as it were. But of course, it is still completely possible to smoke or vaporize them. Simply ensure to give them a proper completely dry remedy, and do not have wild expectations. That said, there are a host of other methods to truly get the best out of your humblest flowers.


Producing some scrumptious edibles from your mini buds is a practical alternative. Make oils, butter, cookies– even small-bud popcorn. The alternatives are only limited by your creativity, so go wild. The use of Small Buds CBD in edibles is suitable as it conceals their physical flaws and concentrates their meager effectiveness into something effective. That said, when crafting edibles using popcorn buds, it deserves to include a little more than common to achieve the preferred effect.


Naturally, for the dabbers and tincture lovers around, you can make your concentrates or hash. Like with edibles, you will need to use more plant products to produce a product of equal potency to different other concentrates, yet it’s well worth it. Inevitably, these types of cannabis offer a great method to sample the flavors and effects of your strain.

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