Gator Breath Strain

An extremely rare find, the Gator Breath strain is an indica dominant hybrid that was produced by expert breeders and cultivators. An exotic cross that is shrouded in mystery, its origins are tough to trace, though what we do know is that it is a phenotype of Triangular Kush (aka TK Bx1) and is a member of the Kush family. Occasionally referred to just as Gator, Gator Kush, or Alligator Kush, this strain is also known to be a descendent of Motorbreath # 2. With a powerful high that is backed by a 23% to 25% THC average and complemented by incredibly relaxing effects, this gassy, diesel-like strain is commonly looked for by indica enthusiasts and medical users of cannabis due to its strong results.

Effect of Gator Breath Strain

The high with Gator Breath Strain is a full-bodied one, though it initially first starts with an uplifting cerebral high as you get into a state of euphoria and happiness. As your worries and unfavourable thoughts or sensations are washed away, you’ll start to feel a bit hazy and introspective. As the high and you fall deeper into an indistinct, though deeply euphoric area, you’ll also find a body buzz start to spread out throughout your limbs, leaving you feeling equal as relaxing. Lots of individuals report that this strain can be an aphrodisiac as the body buzz can be exciting and stimulating, though it can be a lot more towards the sedative and couch-locking instead if absorbed in larger doses, so beware with how much you’re taking. Due to its myriad of heavy-hitting effects both psychologically and physically, Gator Breath Strain is thought about as an extremely effective strain in the medical marijuana community as it can aid ease and manage mood conditions, consist of stress, depression, anxiety, and mood swings, and it is also helpful for treating temporary or chronic pains and sleeplessness.

Appearance & Aromas

The buds of Gator Breath Strains have a good chunky and popcorn-like appearance. With various tones of green ranging from bright shamrock to pale moss with dark, greyish-blue colours and pale orange-brown pistils, the buds are certainly reminiscent of an alligator rising from an overload. Its aromas and flavours are mainly gassy and diesel, a nod to its Motorbreath family, though customers will also notice a sharp and earthy flavour upon exhaling in addition to a revitalising mint!

THC content

Gator Breath is an indica-dominant hybrid that is reported to have a proportion of 70% indica to 30% Sativa. Its THC material standards are at 23% to 25%, though has been checked to reach as high as a tremendous 33%. The parent Triangle Kush, a descendent of the world-renowned OG Kush, is also an indica-dominant hybrid, though has stronger indica dominance with a proportion of 85% to 15% Sativa. It has a THC effectiveness average of 20% with 1% CBD.

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