How to Store CBD Oil Properly?

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CBD oil can last a whole 6 months as soon as opened up, and 1 to 2 years if left unopened. Here we explain how to store your CBD with treatment, ensuring it can live out its shelf life. Keeping CBD oil under the following conditions assists it to keep its potency and freshness for as long as possible, preventing it from going to waste.  For more info, keep reading this CBD Blog.

Keep your CBD oil away from sunlight

Studies have shown that light exposure is one of the most considerable functions in the damage of cannabinoids. Sunlight contains noticeable light, yet it also consists of rays that fall to either side of the visible spectrum: infrared and UV rays. The latter are high-intensity rays past the violet end of the visible spectrum. Although each bottle is stored with dark glass to lower light exposure, UV rays can still make it through. 

If you want to protect the quality of your CBD oil, a simple tip is to treat it in the same way. Keep the lid tight, the bottle far from direct sunlight and store the oil in a dark place.

Avoid excess air and other pollutants getting inside

Direct exposure to air can also contribute to CBD deterioration. There are many ways to stop this. The first is to keep CBD oil in its original product packaging for as long as possible. To put it simply, do not open it till you are ready to use it. With normal intake, 6 months need to be plenty of time to consume it anyhow.

When opened, air will inevitably get in. This is why, after every use, make sure you close the bottle properly. Other impurities, such as microorganisms, can quickly find their method into your oil without prior caution. To avoid this, get into the habit of cleansing your dropper after every usage. 

Store your CBD oil in a cool place

It’s necessary to store the oil from excess heat. The oil is great at room temperature (16 to 21 ° C) and can be kept in cupboards and shelves with little risk of damage. Yet this question occurs a lot: should you keep CBD oil in the refrigerator? The response is of course yes.

Fridges are ideal because they fulfill every criterion: they’re dark, cool, and airtight. The natural separation under cooler temperatures won’t damage the efficacy of CBD in any way. The cooler temperatures reduce the risk of the terpenes and cannabinoids in the CBD being harmed.

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