Five Different Types of CBD Products

Organic CBD

1. Tinctures

Tinctures are extractions of herbs utilizing a CO2 method which is more expensive yet doesn’t destroy many important components of the herb itself, or into a solvent like alcohol, vegetable glycerine, and even vinegar. Traditionally, herbal tinctures were almost exclusively taken orally, either mixed into a drink, a meal, or taken straight. CBD tinctures are definitely one of the most common, most effective types of CBD products on the market today.

Important to note is that absorption and potency are increased when the drops are taken directly under the tongue, instead of with a drink or food.

2. Edibles

Consumers are increasingly gravitating towards innovative edible formats as one of many new, different types of CBD. Edible CBD products are popular for many reasons, including their taste, ease of use, and discretion. One of the most common complaints about organic CBD products is the sometimes overpowering and earthy taste. For some consumers, it really is just too hard to swallow. Edibles mask the taste into a delicious treat, like a baked good, smoothie, or snack.

Edibles are also easy to dose with throughout the day. For those taking higher daily doses of CBD for chronic illness, it can get tiring taking droppers under the tongue every few hours. Because edibles can hide a more powerful extraction of CBD, they are an easy method of increasing the dose without much hassle. However, be sure to take the CBD-laced edible on an empty stomach, and preferably on its own, as other foods can affect the compound’s absorption. Also, research has shown that if the edible is oily or fatty, CBD’s bioavailability is also increased.

Finally, depending on where you live, taking herbal substances as an alternative medicine may not be widely accepted. There are still folks out there that consider CBD products to have the same characteristics and associations as THC products. Rest assured, as there are some significant differences between the two, even though these differences might not be appreciated by everyone in your area.

3. Oral Sprays

Sprays are a novel way to take CBD oil tinctures. Why are sprays so popular as a method of delivery? This is probably because of their ease of use. Arguably much easier and speedier to dose than an edible, a CBD spray is an oral method of administration. The product is taken sublingually for best effect, and many CBD sprays today are flavored with natural additives to help mask the earthy taste of the CBD itself.

4. Balms, Salves, and Topicals

Topical administration of cannabidiol products is also an increasingly popular way to use CBD UK products. CBD balms and salves, among other topical types of CBD oil, are exceptionally popular among those with aching joints, muscles, and skin issues. Professional and amateur athletes alike are also using CBD balms and salves in their post-workout recovery program.

There is evidence from preliminary studies indicating topical CBD applications benefit inflammation and pain related to arthritis. There is also some early research suggesting topical applications of cannabinoids could be beneficial in reducing the signs and symptoms of skin disease, like psoriasis.

5. Vaping

Finally, the fifth type of CBD oil on our list is the increasingly popular CBD vape products. Research suggests that inhaling cannabinoids is one of the most effective ways of ingesting them, at least compared to the other ways explored in this article.

When vaped, cannabinoids like CBD get taken into the bloodstream almost immediately because they enter by way of the respiratory tract. Oral methods of taking CBD oil essentially rely on your body to process, digest, and absorb the CBD into your bloodstream. As mentioned, this isn’t the most bioavailable method of delivery, nor is it the speediest. In a study of another cannabinoid, THC, inhalation resulted in upwards of 56 percent bioavailability of the cannabinoid, second only to intravenous administration.

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