A Short Overview Of Dab Rigs

Cannabis concentrates and dabbing has skyrocketed in appeal in recent times for good reasons, mostly a quicker and more potent high. This trendy new method of delighting in cannabis is usually used by experienced cannabis enthusiasts who are looking for the higher effectiveness feasible since dabs like wax and oil consist of around 5 times as much THC as a dry herb. 


If you’re new to this community, you may consider a dab rig and think it works just like a bong. While dab rigs and glass bongs do have a similar appearance and features, the procedure of smoking concentrate is a lot more complicated than loading a bowl and burning some flowers. There are different types of cannabis concentrates such as wax, budder, shatter, rosin, fall apart, and oil. All of them require a lot higher temperatures to evaporate than completely dry herbs, hence requiring specialized devices and equipment. Dab Rigs and bongs share the same design and functions as a water chamber, percolators, an ice catcher, recyclers, a neck, and a mouthpiece. 


Are you trying to identify how to consume a dab with a bong? It’s simpler than you might believe. Nearly all types of bongs work as great as a dab rig. That means it’s time to browse your collection for that old water pipe and prepare yourself to dab! All you need to do is change the bong bowl designed for the completely dry natural herb with a dab nail such as a quartz banger or titanium nail that can stand up to the cycles of extremely high and low temperatures required to dab concentrates. Keep in mind that smaller-sized bongs are better than big Weed Bongs when it comes to transforming them into dab rigs. When selecting a dab nail or using your pipes, make sure to check the joint size and type. The joint size of the dab nail is measured in millimeters and needs to be compatible with the joint size of your bong. The most common joint sizes are 14 mm and 18 mm, though you’ll sometimes encounter 10 mm joints, however, they aren’t as prominent. Along with the size, check to see if your bong has a female or male joint. The dab nail requires to be the opposite gender (and the same size joint) for an excellent fit. 

Equipment for consuming dabs:

  • Bongs
  • Compatible dab nail or banger
  • Carb cap
  • Water
  • Dab device
  • Scorch torch
  • Marijuana concentrate
  • Optional: Dab pad, dab storage space container.

Many thanks for reading it. I hope you find this article useful and helpful. 

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