A Guide – How To Use a Bong


Bongs have actually been a favorite of smokers because of their comfort. You must understand the proper use of the most effective water pipe to enjoy the full series of cannabis consumption since bong is a staple of cannabis culture. Right here’s a step-by-step overview on how to use a Bong.

Step 1: Filling the Bong Chamber with Water

First, you need to fill up the bong with mineral or tap water by means of the mouth piece – simply the specific initial step when you use a dab rig. There is no uniqueness pertaining to the amount of water because it varies according to the dimension of the bong you utilize. Nonetheless, the amount of water needed to not be more than 1 inch over the downstem. Water dashes might take place if you attempt to re-fill them while smoking.

Step 2: Grinding Cannabis

Grinding cannabis is the second and necessary step given that you don’t want to breathe in large pieces of cannabis. Weed grinding can be done by the use of your hands, scissors, or a weed grinder. If a weed grinder is being used for this function, you must take off the cover and place 2 or 3 buds of cannabis. Finally, close the cover and move to and fro to grind the cannabis well. You will like the benefit of such types of weed accessories when you attempt herb grinders.

Step 3: Packing the Cannabis

The following step is putting the large pieces of cannabis in all-time low of the bong bowl before including the finely ground cannabis. These large pieces of cannabis have a tendency to serve as a filter that protects against the powder from being sucked while smoking. The amount of cannabis put in the dish depends on people offering to enjoy the cannabis. 

Step 4: Holding the Bong

Holding the bong dish with your non-dominant hand is the next step. You can hold around the suction chamber, or perhaps the lower part of the straw can be held. Once the setups are completed, choosing a suitable spot for delighting in cannabis is essential before the heating operations. 

Step 5: Place Your Mouth on the Mouthpiece

Taking a few deep breaths is advised as it will certainly enable your body to be filled with oxygen, which promotes you in inhaling the smoke from the bong without coughing. After that, put your lips inside the mouthpiece and make certain openings are sealed.

Step 6: Heating Dry Herbs with a Lighter

Heating the bong is likewise a bit technological; you should see to it that fire is not being placed in the center of the dish as it will certainly increase the burning of cannabis. Hence, you must avoid rushing in this duration. Lighter is used largely for lighting the bong and assuring that the fire remains at the edge of the stuff in the dish since the major objective is to maintain the stuff much longer.

Step 7: Inhaling Smoke from the Bong

Igniting stuff in the previous action eventually causes smoke look but right here, the benefits of bong come into play. Because of its construction, your lungs are not loaded with smoke instantly. All you have to do at this point is inhale slowly and utilize only your breath to draw the smoke from the chamber. If the chamber has extra smoke, you must cover the mouthpiece with your fingers. You can remain to smoke till the chamber of the bong gets filled with smoke. 

Step 8: Exhaling the Smoke

Finally, exhale the smoke right into the direction that assures it’s not uncomfortable for anyone nearby. Then you should place the dish back right into the downstem or clean it if it is completed.

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