8 Superfoods for Summer Season

8 Superfoods for Summer Season

The blistering days of summer have started showing its harsh appearance. But on a positive note, the summer also brings a colorful bucket of seasonal fruits, juices, refreshing drinks and vegetables along with its sultry presence. The scorching summer season in USA leads to heavy sweating, dry throats and dehydration. On the other end, the season bestows us with great flora and fauna for survival. This is the month when flower festivals are celebrated in the different regions of USA. The season also demands to keep oneself fit and hydrated all the time. To keep your body cool and healthy you must follow a balanced diet chart. Eating anything will not go in accordance with your body condition during summer. Here, we are sharing the ten food items to keep your body and mind cool during the time of summer. These food items are very good for health as well as give you instant energy and immunize your body-system, to keep you activated and fresh.

  • Fruits with high water content: i.e. Watermelon, Cucumber, And muskmelon: The season of summer brings some of the most loved and favorite fruits of every age group. These fruits are high in minerals, fiber and vitamins. The watery nature and ingredients of these fruits keeps your body cool and hydrated. They are healthy and beneficial during the summer season. Cucumber and watermelon keep our body hydrated and fresh whereas Muskmelon is rich source of vitamin A, Anti-oxidants, Electrolytes and Potassium which keeps our tummy full and supply necessary nutrition in our body. You can frequently have these watery fruits in your breakfast as they are low in calories and widely available in summer season.
  • Aloe Vera and Lemon Flavored Drinks: Keeping yourself hydrated should be your first priority during summer. Aloe Vera and lemon juice can create wonders for your health. Mixing a spoonful of these elements with regular water will not only enhance the taste of your water, but the nutrients will keep you immune, healthy and fresh in the summers. The aloe Vera juice restores the moisture in your skin and protects your from sunburn and heat. The aloe Vera juice also keeps your belly cool and clear. Lemon juice is also good source of vitamin C and other nutrients.
  • Yogurt / Curd: Yogurt is rich source of protein, carbohydrate and Vitamin C. This is the super coolant food and a must food to be Included into your summer diet. A cup of yogurt is enough to supply you optimum amount of calcium, potassium and probiotics. Yogurt will not only supply you these nutrients value and prohibits crave for spicy and hot food items. So, looking at its nutrients values you must include a small cup of yogurt into your diet chart for summer.
  • Tomato Soup: Tomatoes are also rich source of vitamin C but the nutrients facts do not end just with Vitamin C only. Tomatoes are healthy bites of potassium, fiber, carbohydrate and Vitamin K. The bright red-Yellow chrome of tomato is also good for skin and hair. This is an amazing fact that tomatoes are categorized as “Fruit” scientifically. This fruit works as a natural sunscreen and protects our skin form bad UV rays. So adding a cup of tomato soup or some slices of tomatoes in your diet everyday will bring beauty and health all together.
  • Omelette: Eggs are the rich in minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and protein. In the season of summer, omelette can be prepared with loads of chopped veggies. The rich topping of veggies and least species make this food the most preferred one to have during summer days. The omelette made of eggs is easy to digest and light for the belly.
  • Fish Preparation: If you are non-vegetarian lover and want to have some pieces of your favorite non-veg preparation, then go for fish preparations. Fishes are rich source of protein, Vitamin B – 12 and Vitamin B-6. During the summer when the sun rays starts biting the body, morsels of fish pieces will act as a coolant. Fish salad made with thin fish slices, tomatoes with a touch of cream will enhance your crave for a delicious salad. If possible go for salmon fish preparation which also adds on Omega 3 and Vitamin D along with other nutrients.
  • Kiwi and Apples: Both of the fruits is a must to include in your diet with a hard and fast rule. Both of these fruits are very vital to provide a holistic nutrient for your body. Rich nutrients are available in these fruits which keeps your body cool and healthy. You can carry these fruits along with you at your work station, college, school and while travelling. You can also have fruit salads, Kiwi cakes and pastries occasionally to treat your sweet tooth crave along with the freshness and goodness of fruits.
  • Corn and Spinach: Corn is eaten in numerous ways. You can add corns into your veggies; and also prepare salads with tasty dressings to make it tastier and healthier enough. The dark leafy spinach and yellow bright corns are very healthy and it must be included into your summer diet. You can bake corn-spinach curry or cook it in a form of Italian Lasagna.

Try avoiding spicy foods, junk foods and deep fried food items in this scorching season. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself and keep having juices of various fruits, coconut water and simple water. To stay healthy and fit during summers you must include these things in your diet.

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